About Us

DwarfShrimp.co.uk is the means for the Individual, Darren Keirle, to sell excess shrimp that have bred from his pets in his own home. All shrimp sold are direct offspring from his pets, DwarfShrimp.co.uk is not a pet shop and does not sell any other types of shrimp (although we may be able to direct you to people who do).

Yes there are thousands of shrimp, he loves Shrimp, however they all reside in standard domestic aquariums, are gazed upon every day and treated exactly as their predecessors were, as pets.

The Dwarfshrimp.co.uk is a part of the dkeirle.com community websites business, this is a sole trader business registered to:

Darren Keirle

All inquires should be directed to admin @T dwarfshrimp.co.uk

DwarfShrimp.co.uk does not currently have a dedicated telephone line for inquiries.

Our approach

We (my wife and I) breed literally thousands of shrimp, but each and every one are treated as a pet until dispatch with care, love and attention from shrimplet to adult. They even live within aquariums with ample coconut housing to ensure they have undisturbed nuptials. We’re able to sell at this price, with this fantastic process as the shrimp you receive are effectively a random mix of the breeding stock. A sweep with the net until enough are caught to fulfill the order. It takes less time and so we don’t have to hit you with a premium for being really selective.

You will receive:

  • A mixture of young and adult (very small, “fry” or “shrimplets” as they’re known, will be thrown in as freebies and not count towards your total)
  • A mixture of male and female
  • A mixture of darker and lighter shrimp (although all, will of course, have a good red colouration, they are after all Red Cherry Shrimp)

If you have specific requirements (all very dark and adult etc.) then please enquire as we can select but the cost will be higher. Otherwise accept you will receive a mixture. See our feedback to see how happy people are with the quality.

When it comes to colouring, upon receipt the shrimp will likely be a little shocked and will be whiter / less opaque than they will be when settled. This is natural. The food you use and the colour of your substrate all effect colourisation.

There is a large number of high grade painted and sakura shrimp used to produce the breeding stock (like those in the picture above) you will receive younger shrimp yet to mature to that level (they travel better and will acclimatise to your tank).

We really need 100% 5 star ratings and positive feedback to make this worthwhile so please don’t diddle us, If you do have a genuine issue please let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve. By purchasing you agree to the above.


Why ours?

• Withstand a high temperature range 19-28C (can go higher but not recommended)

• Withstand poor water conditions (but do prefer and will breed better in good)

• Clean up algae

• Eat up the left over fish food at the bottom of a communal tan

• Breed very easily

Not to mention we’re just crazy about shrimp. Every part of the process we love, including spreading the joy and sending you the best shrimp around.


More advice

Please ensure you add the shrimp to your tank using a sensible acclimatization process over a long period of time. If in doubt, ask!

If you are planning to introduce these shrimps to a community tank, please ensure there are places for them to hide rocks, plants and mosses, so that they can hide away from other predators. Keeping shrimp with fish is not advised.

If you keep your shrimp with fish, if the fish have mouths bigger than a shrimp, then they can eat the shrimp. It really is common sense.

In a tank no matter how many shrimp you have it will look like a lot less, it’s just the way it is, they’re so small and hide in gaps / growth. If you want you shrimp as a visible display, ensure you buy plenty.

During / after shipping shrimp will appear lighter in colour due to the stress, they will soon return to a dark red colouration after settled. The food / substrate colour does effect their colour though!


Shipping Process – We send out Monday to Thursday using this process only!

Order by 6pm the night before day of dispatch. Order by 6pm Wednesday evening for Thursday dispatch (Friday Delivery), the last of the week.

We ship out shrimp using this tried and tested method! It has an almost 100% survival success rate and is far better than using fish bags / boxes etc.

Packing is a multi-stage process:

    1. The shrimp are packaged the morning of dispatch, around 6am
    2. The shrimp are placed into a recycled 1l / 750ml plastic fluid bottle (like water bottle) for protection from squashing
    3. The bottle is filled ¾ with fresh dechlorinated water
    4. A piece of cotton wool is placed inside to give them something to grip to            
    5. The bottle is wrapped in insulating foil to keep the water temperature from dramatic shifts
    6. Everything is placed into a perfect sized, strong, cardboard box with air holes to regulate temperature
    7. The box is packed with shock resistant, insulating material all the way up to the maximum package weight
    8. If temperate is near 0 degrees outside then we will include a heat pad
    9. We send to you, by Royal Mail Special Delivery – by 1pm

If you require Saturday delivery (we send on Friday) it will cost an extra £5, this is what royal mail charge).