Our Tried and Tested Method


Our Shipping Process

We ship out shrimp using this tried and tested method, if you don’t like it, don’t buy! It has an almost 100% survival success rate and is far better than using fish bags / boxes etc.

We will send the majority of shrimp as young / young adults. They travel better, have a greater water : shrimp ratio and will grow to full size / colour in just a number of days.

Packing is a multi-stage process:

  • The shrimp are placed into a recycled 750ml / 1 litre plastic fluid bottle (like water or apple juice) for protection from squashing and to ensure there is always a minimum depth to their water
  • The bottle is filled ¾ with fresh dechlorinated water
  • A piece of rock-wall / wool is placed inside to give them something to grip to
  • The bottle is wrapped in insulating foil to keep the water temperature from dramatic shifts
  • The bottle / foil is placed into a strong cardboard box and sent to you Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  • If temperate is near 0 degrees outside then we will include a heat pad.





We will only dispatch Monday – Thursday to ensure they get to you alive

  • We will send using our delivery methods only: The price covers the materials, time and actual price of royal mail delivery
  • We will send using Special Delivery
  • We will send a mixture of young and young adults as these travel better
  • They will grow to full size and colour in just a few days / weeks